Afternoon Walk…

This morning (Tuesday) on my way to work, I took an alternate route to check on the Coleus that I had my eye out for. The one in the bank window planter and guess what??!!! They totally replaced all the plants with new ones!!!! That pretty Coleus is GONE!!! :( :( :(

I was upset for two reasons. (1) I should have taken a snip of that Coleus when I had the chance. (2) They pulled that pretty Coleus before it reached it’s peak!!!

Needless to say, I decided to take a walk around our district for lunch since it was a warm day… (and subconsciously, I was hoping I would see another Coleus)

Here are some photos from my walk:

Unknown Plant   Strawberry-like Groundcover Flower Buds

Unknown Maroon Foliage   Unusual Succulent

I have more on my May 16, 2006 Flickr page. I also have a lot of unknown plants, so if you are up for an ID’ing challenge, please come by :)

And lastly, as I was walking to carpool, I saw Larry, Darryl and Darryl:

Larry, Darryl and Darryl

Unknown Weed Part 2

A couple days ago, I asked if anyone know what this unknown weed was that I saw underneath a street tree.

Photo of the weed