Miscalculations + New Tricks

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, so I called in sick for work and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I didn’t check email nor checked up on the plants outside.

This morning I noticed that some of the ornamental grasses were wilting a bit, but gave them plenty of water before I left for work.

After work, I checked the Coleus that I potted up and I wasn’t too happy. Some of them got too much sun and were also wilting or had sun damage on their foliage. None (I dont’ think) were at the point of dying, but some are not doing well :( I thought the spot under the persimmon tree would provide enough shade, but apparently I was wrong, so I move some of them to the front patio and some under the pear tree which has a lot of shade. I hope they will all recover…

Also after work, I took Calli out for a bit, again in the front yard and back. I tried something new. I unleashed her in the back yard to see how she does without a chain… and surprisingly she was well behaved. I blocked off some areas–like behind the storage–and she didn’t try to cross over my road blocks. She also stayed on the paved areas and did not trample on any plants! So, good Calli!!!

She’s not that good at coming to me when I call her, though, but I gave her a little treat when she did or gave her a good pat, and she responded well. I think she will learn to come when I call… Who says you can’t teach a old dog new tricks? I was also happy that she did not run away when I came to get her or held her collar.

The ultimate test will be when we go over to the new dog park when it opens. She hasn’t interacted much with other dogs or ridden in a car regularly… so we’ll see…