A Day in the Front Yard (and Our Neighbor’s Backyard)…

Contrary to what the weather-forecaster said, it didn’t rain and was actually a very nice day. I took advantage of sun and did some yard work in the front yard.

Our House(s)

Our house is the white one on the right and that’s our front yard. The tan house on the left is the one I’m planning to buy.

I wanted to see how backyard looks after the rains, so I took Kelly (our dog) and my camera and went to our neighbor’s house to check it out. I took more photos and I’ll post those later.

It was filled with weeds and parts of the yard had standing water. Once I buy the house, I think the first thing I have to do is build a drainage canal or something like that. The yard was not as big as I thought it was, but it’s still a good size. Seeing it in person is totally a different experience than seeing photos of it.

I also took advantage of the nice weather and set up a little work area on the grass to plant the Coleus that I ordered. I’m using 18 oz. SoloGrips drinking cups as pots.

Coleus Workarea

It think this might be the first time they got be out under the sun. Until we get warmer weather, I’ll bring them out during the day and back in during the evenings.