I almost forgot to return some of the books and video that I had borrowed. Luckily, the library doesn’t close until 9pm. So I quickly drove over, return the books and video and got a few more:

– 100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden by Carolyn J. Miles
– Northern California Gardening – A Month by Month Guide by Katherine Grace Endicott
– Golden Gate Gardening by Pam Peirce

I haven’t had a chance to read and reply to my LiveJournal and Flickr accounts, so I’m behind on that. So if you commented or asked me a question… I’ll get back to you soon.

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parents’ anniversary. If my Dad was still alive, they would have been married for 51 years.

To honor their special day, I took the day off so I can spend the day with my Mom.

Although it is raining outside, she is already in the (covered) patio in the back repotting some succulents. Which reminds me, I have to make more cacti mix for me (peat moss + perlite + sand).

Coleus – A Guide to Cultivation and Identification (1974)

I just won this on eBay. On Amazon, it cost $77.53 used. I got it for GBP 4.20 (or $7.43) plus shipping.

The description reads:

Coleus – A Guide to Cultivation and Identification

– Published Edinburgh, John Bartholomew 1974
– 8vo with 116 pages, colour plates/illustrations.
– Book in very good condition, with slighly faded dust jacket .
– First edition signed by both Pedley brothers who were Lancashire nurserymen.
– A delightful little book covering every aspect of cultivation of this versatile plant.

Hmmm… Can I Make Money Growing Plants?

I fell asleep right after dinner while watching TV and woke up so early (4:30am), so I’m doing some computer work, until I can get back to sleep and wake up (6:30am) for work.

Yesterday, one of my best friend (who is just started his garden design business in Reno last year) left me a message on my mobile phone and had a thought. He said that if and when I got my new house, maybe I can grow some plants for him, and he can use these in his garden design business or sell it at the farmers market. I thought this was a great idea, but I have no clue when it comes to business, so some questions came to mind:

1. Do I need to get a business license, or can I do this just as a side business and make extra money?
2. Can I grow plants and sell them myself at a local farmers market or online, like on Craig’s List?
3. Is there a demand for plants grown by just regular gardeners?
4. What plants are sought after in Reno? One that comes to mind are Ornamental Grasses.
5. What Ornamental Grasses are popular?
6. Where should I get seeds or young plants for cheap?

See how my mind works?

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Wish List: Heucheras + Heucherellas

I just saw some on the TV show “Ask DIY Gardening”

– Heuchera ‘Peach Flambe’ ( photo )
– Heuchera ‘Amber Waves’ ( photo )
– Heuchera ‘Lime Ricky’ ( photo )
– Heuchera villosa ‘Caramel’ ( photo ) ( photo )
– Heuchera ‘Venus’ ( photo )
– Heucherella ‘Stoplight’ ( photo ) ( photo )

Wish List: Ladybird Poppy (Papaver commutatum)

I just saw Ladybird Poppy (Papaver commutatum) growing in Willow, Alaska on the show Smart Gardening.

Here’s a photo I found online: ( link )

More Seeds, Books and Videos

I finally got my seeds from Amishland Heirloom Seeds in the mail. One of the bags had a hole, so I lost some of the Strawberry Spinach

I also return the past videos and got some new ones:
– YardWorks! Planting & Growth
– Morris Video Garden * Lawn Series: Pruning
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 1 – Basic Gardening
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 6 – Summer in the Garden

Along with these books:
– Ortho Books: All About Pruning by Judy Lowe
– Pruning and Grafting by Oliver E. Allen and the Editors of Time-Life Books

My Brother’s Find

I tell ya, my brother is a pack rat, but he is good at finding deals. These were damaged goods on a pallet, that he bought at Home Depot. All of this for under $11.

– 1 bag Cocoa Magic Mulch
– 2 big bags of Ground Bark
– 8 big bags of Potting Soil
– 1 bag of Top Soil

My Brother's Find   My Brother's Find