Welcome to my Gardening Journal

Hello and welcome to my gardening journal.

I created this journal to keep a personal log of my little garden and to share photos and experiences with other gardeners. I also find myself reading posts from communities and other gardeners on a daily basis.

I’ve been vegetable gardening in my parents back yard since I was in high school (way back in 1985), but once I moved out and went to college, I was limited to only a few container plants, since I primarily lived in apartments. When my father passed away a few years ago, I decided to move back home to keep my mom company and so I can help take care of things at home.

I started vegetable gardening again (yeay!) late last year and was surprised with our harvest even though I had a very late start… This year will be my first “full” growing season in over 17 years!!!… I’m really excited to get back to growing vegetables in a real garden bed.

Feel free to comment to my posts and/or send me an email… Enjoy :)