Cat Problems

Both my cats have been having problems with fleas… and the other flea meds that got just weren’t working. I gave them a bath a few days ago and that seemed to get rid of some, but they are still scratching a bit, though alot less. I friend of mine told me he used those same meds and they didn’t do anything, so he used Advantage and it totally worked… So I decided to go ahead and get some… It was a little pricey, but I think it’ll be worth it.

When I applied it to them, they seemed normal, then after a few minutes, they seemed like they are feeling a little different. My smaller black and white one, “Lil Blacki” gave me a scare when she started salivating. I got worried if she’ll be okay. The package did say salivation may occur, and she seem fine now that I’m giving her a little more lovin’… So I think she’ll be okay…

I hope it really works.