This weekend’s termoil!…

Today (Sunday), I was gonna to celebrate my friends Dukz’s Birthday by going bowling, then later gonna to a birthday dinner at Eric’s (a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco).

I was waiting for my oldest brother to get here so we can push the Camaro to his house. I was waiting and waiting, and figured that I couldn’t make it to the bowling, so I call Dukz and told him, I may have to skip the bowling and just meet them for dinner.

We’ll my oldest brother finally came and told me he was just gonna get the Camaro towed directly to the paint shop. So we didn’t have to push it to his house. So I got ready, but my mom wanted to go to Costco, cuz these coupon’s were only valid til today (Sunday)… There was still enough time, so I told here to get ready and we’ll go, then I’ll leave and meet Dukz and the gang for dinner.

We’ll it took longer that I expected, so by the time I left here, I they would already have been at the restaurant.

While driving I made a call to ATL to catch up. I swear I shouldn’t have!!! (to be continued…)