Busy at work, Happy Anniversary and Found MP3s…

I ended up staying up last night til 3 or 4 trying to finish my Visa project because it was due today at 2pm… I pressed snooze a little too much and was rushing to get to the carpool. Then I realized that I forgot to copy my files that I worked on from my Hard Drive back to my iPod to bring to work, so I had to go back home and get the files… Needless to say, I was about 45 minutes late for work… and I missed a meeting that I didn’t know about.

I had so much to do, I got news of more rush jobs for Monday and Tuesday. It’s just not letting up for me… but I guess that’s better than not having a job. I did very good progress on that project and was able to give it back to the account exec to look over. I did a search for .html file on the project’s folder and there were 221 .html pages!!! That’s alot of pages.

I met with my freelancing client to discuss the final step for his Flash website that I’m developing. He seems very pleased with it and also offered to place a link back to my site. I thought that was nice. :) I’ll post the URL once he gets his hosting server up and I’ve uploaded the files.

Today is my parent’s anniversary. Happy Anniversary Nanay and Tatay!!! It’s kinda weird ‘cuz I didn’t know if I should mention it or what. But when I got home, I wished my mom a happy anniversary and it brought a smile to her face :) It was 49 years ago that my mom and dad got married…

My mom wanted to go to Walmart to buy a greeting card and a needle for the sewing machine, so we both went and ended up staying there for what seems like more than an hour and a half… but it’s cool, cuz I know my mom need to get out of the house sometimes.

I was gonna work on my freelance tonight, but I ended up going through my hard drive and finding all these old files from a long time ago. I was pleased to find a folder filled with mp3 of CDs that I ripped way back in Alameda. I didn’t have iTune back then, so my files were all scattered and unorganized. Most of them are CDs from my college days… Cathy Dennis, Bomb The Bass, Altern 8, Nomad, Moby, 2 Unlimited, Messiah, Nenah Cherry; and alot of compilations like Deep Heat, Hardhop + Trypno, Maximum Rave, The Little Mermaid, URB Sampler, XL Recordings, Red Hot + Blue and alot more. So I imported them to iTunes… adding about 1505 songs to my ever growing collection.

I still have a whole bunch of CDs in some box somewhere in storage. I really really want to find my MP3 CD for show tunes… I love show tunes and miss listening to them!!! Come to think of it, where’s all my Janet Jackson and Duran Duran CDs?

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