My Thursday…

I didn’t do the routine of getting up and rushing to the carpool for work. I took half a day off and would start working at 1:30pm at home.

I took my mom to a doctor’s appointment (mammogram). I think I saw my Tuesday driver at Kaiser, but wasn’t sure.

We then headed to Costco and bought some food and stuff. We low on toilet paper ya know. Then we ate at their little food stand and had hot dogs and soda, along with Fritos that we bought (in a humongous bag).

Did you know regular Fritos has just 3 ingredients: corn, corn oil and salt.

Around 1:30pm I started working at home. This is the first time I worked from home during business hours, so I called my studio manager, our project manager and an account exec to check in… just as if I was in the office. It was totally cool working from home. I had a stack of revision to a website I’m working on for Visa (about 100 pages worth), so I was just widdling away. I logged in AIM and was able to chat with our project manager; we gossiped and talked about work, etc… just as if I was in the office.

My brother and I moved some of the cars in front around, so he can work on my nephew’s car in the driveway. We really need to get rid of the dead ones.

dinner: Monggo and Costco Rotisserie Chicken
movies via Netflix: Body Without Soul, Jason’s Lyrics, The Way Home