√ New Years Eve

My New Years Eve started with me not really having plans for the 2004 countdown.

My mom kept trying to wake me up this morning because she needed to get some groceries from the filipino store, but I wouldn’t wake up… Well, I finally did around 1pm or so. My brother also needed to do some errands, so he and I went out, along with my mom’s grocery list.

First thing we did was go to the office at church to give a donation to include my dad’s name on a couple of upcoming masses. This January 15th will be the anniversary of him passing away.

Afterwards, we got the grocery for the cassava cake my mom was gonna bake. We then passed by the Honda dealership, because my brother wanted to check out the Civics. When we talked to the dealer, I was surprised cuz my brother was already making a deal, like how much he will put down, etc. I thought we we just looking, but I discovered that my brother WAS going to buy a new car today. Well, the dealer didn’t agree to the price that my brother wanted so we went to the Toyota dealership, where he talked to my nephew’s god-mother’s husband, who sold him my niece’s car a few months ago.

My brother showed them an internet price for a Corolla that another dealership emailed him and asked them to match or beat it… and they did, so he bought it. Dang! that was quick!… He got a nice color, I forgot the fancy name, but it’s like a charcoal with a slight brown tint… and he got it for $12.2K… cheaper than my Civic!

My nephew was happy when he found out. This meant that he would get to use his car again. (My brother was using my nephew’s car to go to work)

When we got home, I called up my friends to see what the plans was. I was planning to go to the city with Scratch, but he already left, and since it was already late, I thought I would just stay home this New Years Eve.

My mom cooked alot of food. We had Palitow, Aroscaldo, Pancit, Cassava Cake, Fried Tofu and Pig’s Ears, Puto, Kuchinta, and more. I bet alot of you are asking what the hell did they eat… hehe

I chatted on YahooIM and AIM with some friends and called a few people to wish them a happy new year…

Well, the countdown has passed and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m on my iBook upstairs (upstairs is what I call the top of my loft bed) and feel like watching a movie, so I got a DVD with Julogs (a filipino movie)… and I’ll watch that before I fall asleep.

Happy New Years everyone!