Birthday Dinner with the gang…

Me and Dave celebrated our birthday’s with the gang – Hoang, Howie, Rachelle, Wincy, Bill, Kelly and this other woman (I didn’t get her name). We went to a nice dinner at Le Charm on 5th near Folsom in San Francisco. It was some very good food. 3 courses. I had Smoked Salmon with something for appetizer, Hanger Steak with Pomme Frit (sp?) and a salad as the main course, and a baked Apple something or another for dessert. I can’t quite remember the names of the dishes, but they were delicious and just right. Not too much and just enough.

It was nice to hang out with the gang again. I haven’t done that in a while – kinda miss it. Plus it was nice to have Hoang over too and spend more time with everyone. It was cool, he discovered that I think 3 of my friends were from UC Santa Cruz, just like him. I didn’t even know that.

Afterwards, we were gonna go disco bowling, but the place screwed things up and we eventually decided not to do it. We we’re trying to figure out what else we can do, but I don’t think we were too energetic to go dancing and we were too full to go to coffee or dessert. I suggested a male strip show as a joke, and I think Rachelle really liked that idea :) but I really didn’t want that. I was actually sore from started to work out again and I told them I would love to just take a hot shower, jump into bed and watch some TV.

And that’s basically what we did.

We’ll do something together soon. It was nice spending some time with friends to celebrate mine (and Dave’s) birthdays :)