Just a New Years Day summary…

Slept late after New Years (around 5:30)… and for some reason got up relatively early for a non-work day (around 10:30). I guess I’ve been sleeping so much the past few days, it’s giving me a headache.

Got my Diet Coke, a cig and my digital camera and started to take pictures of my fishes. My cats are on my online photo album under pets… why shouldn’t I have my fishes too.

I then started to photograph my plants too. I got several baby cacti and succulents for the holidays and thought it would be good to see how they grown over the years. My inspiration was a photo on my cat that I was looking at over the weekend. I noticed my plants in the background and some were babies in the pictures have grown considerably. I just thought it was neat.

Later in the day I hopped on the AC Transit, then BART, then Muni to join some friends for brunch at this place near the Castro called Grub… Brunch was good and it was so nic to see friends who I haven’t hung out with in a while. My only complaint was some hair and lint I found in my drink. It was so gross, but we got all our drink comped.

We decided to see Beauty and the Beast on the IMAX screen in Metreon, but damn, there were so many people. The lines were so long and we ended up watching Kate and Leopold… which was a cute romantic comedy.

Got home and took a jog… It’s been several months since I worked out. We the new year, I should try to get back into shape, so this is my beginning. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, and I so wanna get rid on my big tummy which I got even before the holidays. Hopefully I can wake up early tomorrow and see if I get to the gym before work. We’ll see if that happens.